Winter’s Update

Lake Update:

Today, we went out to the lake to see how thick the ice was.  It was 6 inches thick (full sun area).

To events held at the lake, Winter hike and Winter Water Rescue, were very successful.  With many enjoying the Lakeview trail and valued training were received during these events.


We are working on a store!  I would like ideas for possible designs for t-shirts, sweat shirts, hats, and others.  I would like to present these ideas for the February meeting, so I would need all submissions by February 18th so that I can get approval to continue looking for quotes and such.  Please email these to

We are always looking for suggestions for our web page.  Please feel free to email us at

We also accept photo for sharing on our Facebook page and other such sites.  Submitted photos to Loramie Eagles and Wildlife at

Photos will be marked with the Loramie Eagles and Wildlife watermark and the photographer’s name.

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