Store Terms

As required by paypal, we are to denote a return/refund, shipping, and privacy policy.  This is just a sample policy.  This will be updated during and after testing of the store and donations.  Once the testing phase is complete, we will have a completed policy posted; which, the policy is subject to change.

Sales Policy

All profits from sales will be used for projects, sponsored by LLIA, following our By-Laws.

Return Policy

At the current time, we will have no returns.

Refund Policy

We will not refund any membership or donations.

Shipping Policy

We ship using USPS.  Please select the best rate for you.

Membership Policy

Membership is billed yearly. Membership cost is subject to change yearly by approval at an LLIA meeting.  With membership, we will not have any returns with this, but you may cancel at anytime.  We ask that you still fill out the form and send it in.  This way our membership committee can keep track of membership.

               1. Single

A single membership for for one individual.

               2. Family

A family membership includes your nuclear family (Parents and Children). Children over 18 years of age are not included in a Family membership. They will be asked to file as a single.

              3. Corporate or Business

At this time, this acts similar to a family, but just for the business. We will be updating this so that we can offer our businesses advertisements on our site (including Facebook and others social media). This membership is the one that will most likely evolve as the site evolves to better facilitate everyone.

Donation Policy

We (LLIA) will be accepting donations for the general fund and in the future for earmarked funds (these will be specified on a donations page not yet made). All the funds will help run LLIA, fund projects, and so on. If a donation is earmarked, all those proceeds go that project/ program.

Privacy Policy

We (LLIA) take information seriously.  Just like you, we do not want it in the wrong hands.  We take pride in securing our website with an SSL server which encrypts our website.

We are using PayPal as our secure payment system to also help prevent fraud, stealing, and many other things.

We do not share your information with anyone.  We use both our website and Google forums to collect information so that we can reach you better.  This is only shared with the LLIA committee that sends and receives mailings.

If a breach is made, we will do everything we can to inform you of the breach (as soon as we know).

Here is a link to the companies privacy policies that we use (we must follow these as users, so we ask the users of our site the same):