Lake Loramie Spillway (MBC interview)

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It has been sometime since I have had a chance to sit down and write an article, but I finally get the chance.  On September 21, 2017, I had the privilege to sit down and talk to Mark Rice of Miller Brothers Construction, inc.  The bases of this meeting was to discuss, what is Miller Bother’s history and what is the current status of the spillway.


The history of the Miller Brothers’ company (as their website states):

“Miller Bros. Const., Inc., is more than a company with a family name. We’re a family-owned business with a commitment to integrity, safety and innovation. We take pride in our workmanship, as well as the legacy we leave behind.

In 1944, brothers Dale and Floyd Miller incorporated their small, northwest-Ohio based excavating firm. As time went on, a strong work ethic and dedicated employees helped MBC expand from a local company to a regional one.

In 1992, Dean and Bob Miller, sons of the founders, rose to leadership roles where they continued to focus on company growth and diversification. Their leadership helped MBC become a major player in the coal mining industry in both Kentucky and West Virginia, while maintaining a strong focus on heavy highway projects and civil site work.

Today, under the third generation of family leadership, MBC is licensed in twelve states and the list is growing.

When it comes down to it, you work with people, and Miller Bros. Const., Inc., has some of the best. From leadership and management to the crew on the ground at every site, we have a highly-trained team that’s committed to doing things right.

With over 400 pieces of operated equipment, MBC has the resources to successfully complete nearly any project. We use the latest technology, and our customers reap the benefits. With GPS, robotic machine control and laser controlled systems, we can meet the tight scheduling demands of fast-track projects. That saves our customers both time and money.

We have a nationally-recognized safety program, bonding capacity in excess of $225 million and excellent financial strength. Most importantly, we have a portfolio full of successful projects. Take a look then contact us to find out how collaborating with Miller Bros. Const., Inc., can help your next project run smoothly and efficiently”.  (

For over 80 years, MBC (Miller Bros. Const. inc) has been involved with construction.  Before this, they were involved with coal mining.  MBC currently have over 100 projects in construction, one of which is our new spillway.  Before Rice started to work on the Lake Loramie Spillway, he helped lead the U.S. 250 corridor improvement in Sandusky, Ohio.  This project took 2 years to complete.


The Lake Loramie Spillway is no simple feat.  To construct this spillway, it takes 3000 Cubic Yards of Concrete, 140 Tons of Rebar and over 1 mile of Water Stop.  There is about 700 man hours a week into this project and by the end there will be a total of ~25,000 man hours.  Mark was also pleased to announce that the job site has been accident free.

To make a section of the spillway, they must place forms that weight 22lb/sqft.  These must be hooked up to a crane, then lifted to place.  They are then bolted together and after a bit of preparation, they start to pour the concrete in-between the forms.

Once the project is done, the new spillway will be 145 feet across but with the wedge design, the water will be able to rest along 1000 feet of concrete.  The spillway is constructed such that the water will flow over at the same rate as the old spillway, but during periods of flooding, it will allow more water to flow over and they will have the ability to open an overflow door to allow even more water to escape when needed or when they need to lower the level of the lake.

So, when will the water start flowing over the new spillway?  Mark told me that they have the goal of Thanksgiving week to have water flowing over the spillway.  At that time, they will begin preparation of the land in that area and cutting of the old spillway.  They are going to cut the old spill way five feet below standard water level.


MBC, Mark Rice, and the crew would like to thank ODNR, Fort Loramie, and Minster for all the support and hospitality that has been shown to them.  Mark also stated that because of all the support and hospitality, this has made it one of the best job sites that he has worked.

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