Lake Loramie Family Adaptive Zone

The Launch portion of the project has been completed and will have a dedication on June 7th at 1pm.  Everyone is invited to attend.  On June 8th, instructors will be present to answer questions about the launch and kayaking/ canoeing.

The second phase of the project is currently underway.  The second phase will bring adaptive equipment to the site.  This includes: picnic tables, swings, wheelchair swing, and other adaptive equipment.

The project is being lead by a local family from Minster, Ohio.  LLIA has agreed to help with the project by backing them with our 501.C3 tax exempt status and help to promote the project through the use of the Website and Social Media.  Below will include any new information they have to share as well as a means to donate towards the project.

Update 03-04-2019:

As of today, a new swing set has been purchased and three adaptive picnic tables.  These should be in before the dedication in June.


Adaptive launch Promo videos

The above video is a short description of the project and location of our project.


The video above is of Team River Runner of PA, at Leaser Lake using an Adaptive Launch.

Adaptive Zone

The Mertz family has increased the scope of the project to include adding a family area that is designed for people with disabilities, but usable by all.  Items for the adaptive area include: a wheelchair swing, adaptive swings, picnic tables, shelter (similar style to Daniel’s Ditch), kayaks, and adaptive bicycles.


The Mertz family and Loramie Eagles and Wildlife have teamed up to bring into reality an Adaptive launch at Lake Loramie State Park.  They have indicated that the project will be approximately $80,000 for all the site improvements, the launch system, education programs, maintenance fund.

The project will be located in between the campgrounds and the beach at Lake Loramie.  The launch system has been designed so that not only canoes and kayaks can be launch, but it will have a ramp so that people can easily walk or wheel themselves onto a boat (some modifications may be needed for the boat which will have to be done at the boat owners expense).

Some question come to mind when discussing this project like:

What is an Adaptive Launch?

Answer: An Adaptive Launch is a launch system that assist those with disabilities and stability issues

Is this launch only for those with a disability?

Answer: No, this launch is designed to help anyone wishing to board/exit a watercraft safely and securely.  This will also be very helpful for beginners.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, LLIA is a 501.3C non-profit organization, who is managing all donations.

If you wish to help with the project, you can donate to it through our earmark donation button here or mail to:
Lake Loramie Adaptive Project, P.O. Box 80, Minster, Ohio 45865

Make checks out to Lake Loramie Improvement Association, Memo: Lake Loramie Adaptive Project.


Click the above image to donate!
We thank you for anything you can give!

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