Leadership and Contacts

Here is a list of our officers and committee members with an email associated to them (if available).  Please feel free to contact us at any time!


LLIA President: Leon Mertz                   Email: Leon@lakeloramieia.com

LLIA Vice President: Luke Koors                    Email: Luke@lakelormieia.com

LLIA Secretary: Shelby Hoffer                 Email: Shelby@lakeloramieia.com

LLIA Treasurer: Belinda Wolaver                   Email: Belinda@lakeloramieia.com

LLIA Sergeant-at-Arms:  Julie Stueve                    Email: Julie@lakeloramieia.com


Kathy Bellett (2020)      ___________________________________Email:Kathy@lakeloramieia.com

Dan Dulaney (2021) _______________________________________Email:Dan@lakeloramieia.com

Doug Winner (2017)_                                                                 Email: Doug@lakeloramieia.com

Election Rules

The officers of the Lake Loramie Improvement Association are elected at the October Meeting and serve for the next calendar year. The trustees are elected for a three-year term. One Trustee is elected each October so that the terms overlap. The committee chairpersons are elected or appointed by the President as needed.

Committee Chairpersons

Fall Festival food booth                                                                                     Belinda Wolaver

Picnic                                                                                                                                           TBD

Visitors Guide Book                                                                                              Angela Dulaney

Liberty Days Raffle tickets                                                   Charlotte Smith/ Carol Huecker

Coonskin-cap brigade                                                                                                  Julie Stueve

Memberships                                                                                                        Belinda Wolaver

WebMaster                                                                                                                    Daniel Mertz

                                                  Email for the Webmaster: Webmaster@lakeloramieia.com

Newsletter                                                                                                              Belinda Wolaver

Historian                                                                                                                          Lynn Smith

Wildlife Funds                                                                                                                Julie Stueve

Social Media                                                                                                                    Leon Mertz

                                                    Email for Social Media: Social_Media@lakeloramieia.com

Organization Liaisons

Friends for Preservation of Ohio State Parks                               Lynn & Charlotte Smith

Sidney-Shelby County Chamber of Commerce                                            Charlotte Smith

Fort Loramie Chamber of Commerce                                                             Charlotte Smith

Southwestern Auglaize County Chamber of Commerce                           Charlotte Smith

Miami Erie Canal Corridor Association                                                                 Lynn Smith

Ducks Unlimited                                                                                                   Frank Bensman

Loramie Valley Alliance                                                                                  Don Schmitmeyer

Shelby County Regional Planning                                                                     Gary Bensmam


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