Lake Loramie Improvement Association


Fall Harvest Festival 2023

Hello everyone! It is that time of year again where we need your help at the food stand, below is an online link to sign up to help. We thank you for all the help you can do this year!…

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Lake Loramie Fall Harvest Festival!

turned on computer monitor displaying text

It is that time of year where the Lake Loramie Fall Harvest Festival is starting to be planned and something new that they would like you to know about is their new website They are still developing it, but…

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Introduction to Kayak Fishing

back view of a boy fishing at the lake

The first day for this event is coming up fast! May 1st. Below is the document with all the details on the event and how to register. Please consider joining us for an amazing educational experience, learning the basics of…

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Passport to Fishing 2022

Please see attached document for detail!

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Interested in joining Lake Loramie Staff?

hiring text

If you are interested in joining the staff at Lake Loramie for a seasonal position please contact Jason Whitman at: Also, please fill out the forms located at the link below (they are required for employment eligibility). They are…

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