Dredge Update 2021

Lake Loramie Dredge Program off to great start 2021

  • Dredge operator, John Kaiser, hired on Sunday, April 11th to dredge staff team. 
  • Dredge team set out buoy’s on lake Tuesday, April 13th.
  • Dredge been removing floating logs out on lake from over winter.
  • Some renovation to dredge.

Over past few months dredge staff been busy doing some renovations to dredge inside & out with new windows and fresh coat of paint.  In addition, creating & building up new DMRA (dredge material relocation area) at what we refer to as “Behr’s” back off Eilerman Rd. behind Lakeview hiking trail.  Works being done now to install discharge boxes and run piping from it to lake.  Very soon the dredge will be out on lake!  The focus this year will be to dredge around campground boat ramp, ADA launch area & channels.  Approximately 12.6 acres at 3’ to total 85,000 cubic yards of dredge material.  The dredge program administrator recently hired dredge operator, John Kaiser.  He’s been with ODNR for 4 years at Loramie as a natural resource technician. Welcome John to dredge team!   Dredge has been removing floating logs and debris off lake as well from winter months using the barge & jon boats & just this week put out the buoys.

 Dredging is vital part to canal lakes.  The removal of sediment and debris from the bottom of lake helps keep main body of lake & channels healthy & boaters to navigate through safely without issues. Once the dredge material is pumped into the DMRA the filter water is cycled back out into the lake.  This material once dries out is rich in nutrients and provides good dirt that is available for the public to use.  To obtain the waiver form from dredge dirt release program please contact either the camp or park office at 937-295-3900 or 937.295.2011.    In addition, dredge program administrator is needing areas around the lake to build new DMRA sites that they could lease.  Please contact Grand Lake at 419.394.3611 if you have an interest. 

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